IFNTUOG International Projects are on a High Level of Development in the Precarpathian Region

IFNTUOG projects have also been presented among the projects at the International Project Festival, which was held on the initiative of the University. Participants of the event visited a number of laboratories and classrooms of IFNTUOG equipped with up-to-date devices bought for grant money, which will be used for educational, scientific, environmental and energy efficiency purposes of the university and Precarpathian region.

1 2“Regional Center for Training and Monitoring of the Environmental Impact of Electrical Installations - CRIMIGE”, the main objective is to provide a joint ecological training and implement an awareness campaign regarding the environmental impact of electricity, based on surveys and experience and practices exchanges, financed by the European Union within the framework of the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020. Suitable equipment was bought within the project. 






 3 4Project “Cross-border Network of Energy Sustainable Universities (NET4SENERGY)” is designed to increase the efficiency of the key universities within the HUSKROUA Cross-border region, among them IFNTUOG (Ukraine), Technical University in Kosice (Slovakia), University of Miskolc (Hungary), Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, University Center in Baia Mare (Romania). The main objective of the project is to make institutions of higher education as more energy efficient buildings and share this experience with other European countries.

A pilot system of energy monitoring for the university building was designed in one of the university building within the project NET4SENERGY, which, by the way, is unique and advanced (there is no such type of monitoring system in Ukraine or Europe). A demonstration solar power plant was also designed within the project NET4SENERGY.




5Project “New Bachelor’s program in Renewable Energy Engineering” is being implemented at IFNTUOG, supported by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Energy Security Project (ESP). Appropriate curriculum have been developed for this educational program, in order to prepare a sufficient number of technical specialists who will ensure the integration of renewable resources into the energy complex of Ukraine and it’s further economic development.







2SOFT/1.2/86 «Ro-Ua6 Транскордонний “Ro-Ua Trans-border Academic Development for Research and Innovation”. The Innovation Development Center, which was opened as part of the project 2SOFT/1.2/86 «Ro-Ua Trans-Border Academic Development for Research and Innovation» is equipped with modern digital production tools and systems. It is a modern training and fabrication laboratory, which is created on the principle of Fab Lab, where everyone has the opportunity to implement in material their own developments. The objective of the Center is to develop the competencies of researches and students, unite enterprising and technically creative minds, provide opportunities for developments in teams, promote higher technical education as well as the fabrication of samples and model sets by interested innovative entrepreneurs. The cost of the equipment is over 100 000 €.

7Project “Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste by Thermal Conversion Technologies in Cross-Border Region” (EnyMSW). The main target of this project is to reunite professionals of prestigious universities in order to study the possibilities of completing the management of municipal solid waste (MSW) by thermal treatment method for recovery of energy.



Project “Reintegration of Veterans, Participants of Anti-Terrorist Operation and Their Family Members "Norway-Ukraine. Professional adaptation. Integration into the state system". For six years, free courses at our university have been helping Ukrainian soldiers to find their place in civilian life after the war. These courses have been implemented at IFNTUOG since 2015 and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In total, more than ten universities are involved in the project, in Ivano-Frankivsk - only our university.

10Project «Development of cross-border cooperation in promoting objects of historical and cultural heritage in the cross-border territory of Romania and Ukraine». This project is an important investment in the tourism industry of the Precarpathian region. Among the main areas of implementation are the following: the reconstruction of the Geological Museum of IFNTUOG, the promotion of 50 historical and cultural sites in Ivano-Frankivsk region and 50 in Suceava County, as well as the development of advertising products, videos, virtual 3D-tours, laser scanning of these sites, so that scientists can use this material to investigate and assess the condition of such sites and to make appropriate management decisions on these sites, etc. Now more than 20 historical monuments have already been scanned with special laser equipment!



Programme Creative Spark. Higher Education Enterprise Programme is a five-year initiative to help develop the creative economy and enterprise skills across seven countries in Central Asia, (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan), South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia) and Ukraine.



1Project “RO-UA Partnership for Climate Change Mitigation”. The project aims primarily for development and support of innovative cooperation, oriented to mitigate the effects of climate change within the RO-UA transboundary region, to provide the sustainable development of territories by organizing a new educational and research environment in the field of energy efficiency. The implementation of the project involves a number of measures and actions aimed at drawing of attention to climate change issues and have specific practical significance, in particular: the foundation of the Energy Management Agency (EMA) to develop and implement the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP); an installation of electric battery-driven vehicle charging stations in Botosani and Ivano-Frankivsk cities; replication of the Science City “New Energy” in Botosani (InnoSciPromo) to promote innovative science among young people and teach people energy efficient thinking. This includes experience exchanges between project partners, seminars and working meetings.

2Project “Building of digital entrepreneurial capacities of the elderly through the innovative training system” within “Interreg - Danube Transnational Programme”. The main objective of the project is to expand capacities of the elderly at the digital labor market for increasing self-employment, organizing qualified personnel with new digital competencies for business and social needs by ensuring the sustainability of innovation ecosystems at the territory of Danube Region.


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