EnyMSW​​​​​​​Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste by Thermal Conversion Technologies in Cross-border Region (EnyMSW) 

The main target of this project is to reunite professionals of prestigious universities in order to study the possibilities of completing the management of municipal solid waste (MSW) by thermal treatment method for recovery of energy. The scientific- technical potential of the universities could be directed to the needs of local, regional and crossborder communities to be turned into account and to contribute to their development. On long term, if the thermal treatment methods for recovery in energy will be applied, they will lead to the removal of landfills and to the increase of energy efficiency.

Estimated results are:  Involvement of a high number of persons actively participating in environmental actions and awareness raising activities. Three proposals for completing the regional policies with methods and technologies for the thermal treatment of municipal solid waste with energy recovery. A proposal for cooperation in order to recover energy from municipal solid waste by thermal conversion technologies in cross- border area. The „Small scale system for thermal treatment of municipal solid waste” will be set up. Databases with MSW characteristics will be created. As innovative instruments to be realised we mention: Setting up a software application: „ Electronic Monitoring Platform” for the management of data concerning the administration of thermal treatment MSW and study methods in „Small scale system for thermal treatment of municipal solid waste”. 

Planned total budget of the project 289 389,64 EUR