1. Project information

Додаткова інформація

Project "Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste by Thermal Conversion Technologies in Cross-border Region" (EnyMSW)

ENI Cross-border Cooperation Programme  2014-2020 "Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine"

Planned total budget of the Project 289 389,64 EUR

Requested EU contribution 260 450,66 EUR

Lead Applicant: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, North University Center of Baia Mare.

Applicants: Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil; Gas Technical University of Kosice.

Overall objective of the Project. To enhance cooperation in the common border Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine in a sustainable economically and socially manner by creating relevant tools to support MSW management of energy recovery from municipal solid waste by thermal conversion technologies.

Specific objectives of the project: 

1. Promoting of cooperation among specialists and interested factors in the cross-border area;

2. Offer of technical support to the key stakeholders in the cross-border area;

3. Development of innovative management tools for energy recovery from municipal solid waste by thermal technology.