Ukraine's energy rebuilding plan

We, the representatives of the Ukrainian community in the energy sector reform of Ukraine, which includes scientists, practicing engineers and analysts, are confident in Ukraine's victory in the current war with Russia.

The significant destruction of Ukraine's infrastructure as a result of active war actions, intended damage to civic infrastructure means that we will all have to rebuild the entire country.

Given the long-standing Russian gas blackmail, the requirements of modern European standards for new building construction, the latest technological advances in this area, we believe that the reconstruction of the energy and construction sectors should be based on the following principles:

- minimal dependence on fossil fuels

- maximum use of renewable energy sources

- high class of energy efficiency for newly built buildings

- rational construction costs

- transparent and accountable way of organizing the whole cycle of related design, construction and commissioning works

- creation of "smart" energy efficiency management systems, ie smart home systems.

The war is still going on, but such a plan must be prepared today.

In our opinion, the plan should contain separate sections, including the following components:

- housing construction,

- generation of electricity,

- power supply,

- gas transmission system,

- gas distribution networks,

- energy storage systems.

At the first stage we will develop a conceptual plan of such a program.

We invite everyone interested to join our initiative!


Maksym Karpash,

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, +380673420128,

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