Obeng-Bosompem Adu Efah (CIE)

Obeng-Bosompem Adu Efah (Ghana) is a student of the Center for International Education of IFNTUOG, speciality 185 – Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology, group НCia-15-1.


This guy from Ghana came to distant Ukraine to study in order to help his country to develop in the future. Clever and intelligent student wants to grow professionally in science (probably, this is in our column for the first time, among foreign students), aims to do scientific discoveries that would glorify his country. The very fact of his being patriotic deserves respect.

But the boy is not some kind of patrioteer. He does everything to put his ambitious plans in practice,  studies hard, works, develops:

- Today's Seed, Tomorrow's Harvest - this is my life credo. And I started to seed in Ghana when I was looking for an oil and gas university in Europe, because I always wanted to work in this field. I chose IFNTUOG and today I think that it is one of the most prestigious oil and gas universities. Besides, I found here not only highly qualified teachers, but also mentors. It were they who encouraged me to self development. So now, I reap a harvest - excellent grades.

His family and homeland really motivate him:

- My parents gave me not only a life, they made a lot for my studies at home and could pursue a quality education abroad! So my academic achievements ate the least I could do. Also, I want to be one of the best. Now is my time to reap a harvest!