Mwilambwe Kabamba Gloire (CIE)

Mwilambwe Kabamba Gloire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) is a student of the Center for International Education, speciality 185 – Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology, group НІВ-17-5і.

A desire to become an engineer in the oil and gas industry encouraged the boy to spend hours in search of specialized universities around the world in the Internet.

1Challenge №1 –  Ukrainian  language:

- I really liked the language, because it sounded very sweet. So I knuckled down to learn the language. And I was also motivated to know it well, because wanted effectively cooperate with teachers. So, as they say in the student environment, this subject I passed with an excellent mark!

Challenge №2 –  Learning:

- Well, this is not a challenge (laughs), I came here to study. Besides training, the university inspires students to be engaged in research, investigations, internship (it is good that modern research laboratories are always open for the students). Additional information you can receive during consultations with teachers who really do their best. My efforts were productive and I received high scores quickly enough!

Challenge №3 –  Future:

- I have a dream, but even my parents do not believe in its realization. I want to become a leading person in my country, a great man, moral authority. I have the mind and character for that. I feel confident, I believe in my own strengths and sense of purpose is in my blood. The most important - God is always with me!

Can such a swell guy and an excellent student not succeed? We wish the student to realize himself in the profession and make his ambitious dream come true!