Gyasi Samuel (CIE)

Gyasi Samuel (Ghana) is a student of the Center for International Education, speciality 185 – Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology, group НІВ-18-1і.

1“Gain new knowledge always and everywhere, no matter how much time it will take, because the feeling of success is the sweetest thing in the world!”. Gyasi Samuel came from Ghana to the Ukrainian university in search of knowledge.

 “I chose IFNTUOG, because this university is the best higher education institution of oil and gas specialization in Ukraine. Intelligent and professionally qualified teachers, who gained experience in oil and gas companies and done an internship abroad work here. And no doubt, I wanted to learn from the best professionals in the country!” Samuel made a good choice. Now the student is grateful to his teachers, who motivate him to study through interesting approaches in teaching professional disciplines!

Another benefit for the student is that the diploma issued by the University of Oil and Gas is recognized in Ghana and has a number of advantages for employers. And the knowledge gained in IFNTUNG is really qualitative and adapted to the employment market in the oil and gas sphere. “I am convinced that after graduation the University of Oil and Gas, I will feel confident in the oil and gas professional environment and help my country to develop in the future!”

 Our student from Ghana considers that everburning enthusiasm, encouragement and hard work is the key to success!

We can not argue upon that words. We wish good luck to a student!