Elnemr Ramadan Khalaf Salaheldin (CIE)

Elnemr Ramadan Khalaf Salaheldin (Egypt) is a student of the Center for International Education, speciality 185 – Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology.


“I don’t look at the obstacles, I focus on the goal” – a future student of IFNTUOG followed this rule and chose the Ukrainian university. He faced many challenges: language, distance, other culture…But they didn’t become an obstacle for Elnemr, as the guy was pursuing an ambitious goal - to become an engineer!

He saw a great opportunity and demand in a job marketplace: “There are many oil fields in Egypt, so to become an engineer is advanced and highly paid!”

Now Elnemr Ramadan Khalaf Salaheldin is very happy that chose IFNTUOG: “I really like practical approach to learning, labs in new rooms and on modern equipment. Teaching staff is highly qualified, they present material in an accessible and clear way. And all the classes are interesting and effective. Besides the classes, leisure and sports life is well-organized”.

A student is sure that our institution is a start point in his successful professional career!

Life’s philosophy of this diligent, hard-working and intelligent student is: “Make those who see you, pray for those, who raised you”. Elnemr Ramadan Khalaf Salaheldin owes all his success to God and the family, which always supports him, gives him strength and motivation.