A poetic video marathon dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Lesia Ukrainka's birthday started in IFNTUOG

A poetic video marathon “I have that in my heart which cannot die” started in IFNTUOG, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birthday of the great Ukrainian poet, writer, translator, folklorist, public figure Lesia Ukrainka.

The initiators of the marathon are the Students’ Culture and Leisure Center and Myroslava Venhryniuk, associate professor of the Department of Philology and Translation of the Institute of Humanities and Public Administration of  IFNTUOG, invite all university community to participate in the video marathon to honor the memory of great Ukrainian woman, popularize works of the outstanding writer and  150th  Lesia Ukrainka's birthday anniversary which is celebrated this year at the national level in Ukraine.

During the last week, everyone joined the marathon and sent their videos, in which they read the poetry of an incredible Lesya Ukrainka. Among the participants of the marathon are teachers, students, university staff, who were very creative: they recited not only poems, but also sang, involved their children, created total mise-en-scenes. But they all were united by an inspiration in reading the poetry of the Great Lesia. It could not have been otherwise, as her works inspire, add strength and confidence.

Speeches of all participants were published on the official university's Facebook page, tagged: #Леся_Українка #поетичний_відеомарафон #ІФНТУНГ   

All the videos touched someone’s feelings. Moreover, videos encouraged the university community to join. Unfortunately, the website format does not allow to publish all videos, so we made mini collection of video poems (hopefully the participants understand us). But all the videos you can find on the official university's Facebook page, tagged: #Леся_Українка #поетичний_відеомарафон #ІФНТУНГ