Assess the potential and study an issues of technical education

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Igor Harbaruk, who works in the MES team on improving the quality of education visited the Precarpathian region. The visit of the Deputy Minister to the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas was held within the study of the material and technical support of the educational process in technical education institutions.

​​​​​​​3The university administration, rector of IFNTUOG, Yevstahii Kryzhanivskyi, first vice-rector, Oleh Mandryk and vice-rectors, Ihor Chudyk, Liliana Horal, Maksym Karpash and Serhii Kurovets hosted the guest, who arrived accompanied by the deputy head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration Svitlana Onyshchuk. Awareness of the fact that IFNTUOG is a university with more than a half century traditions is student’s visiting card of the Precarpathian region, that young people from all over Ukraine and foreigners from several continents study here, that petroleum specialists from even highly developed countries come here for internship, that the university is an active participant of national and international scientific community where advanced laboratories with modern equipment and software annually open, shows that the university works in right direction. However, this does not mean that the university has no problems.

Among the main problems, the rector mentioned the economic one. The academic building №1, which was built on the river because of a mistake of the designers, records serious ground changes. Rector said:

“And here, we count on the support and assistance from the Ministry. However, we are used to make money, not ask for it. We solve infrastructure problems through international projects. Currently, IFNTUOG implements 5 projects. Today we implement a serious thermal modernization project (11 million euros project) to reduce gas consumption through its efficient use. Besides, we realize that the pandemic situation has changed a lot and will continue to change the educational process. The university's tasks will include the organization of substantive changes in educational programs. We will have to restructure considerably, but material and technical infrastructure of IFNTUOG has always been and remains at a very high level, because we were built upon the project as an oil industry university”.2

1It is impossible to tell about the entire material and technical infrastructure of IFNTUOG during an hour and a half. That’s why the rector introduces the most modern and up-to-date. The guest was impressed by the renovated stadium and sports complex named after Anatolii Hemba, laboratory of drilling equipment, hydraulic machines and compressors, drilling training center, “SIEMENS” hardware and software laboratory, science city “New Energy”, “Tesla-Show” high energy laboratory, drilling circulation fluid laboratory, Museum of Geology, Innovation Development Center with ultramodern equipment, which is about to open thanks to the won grant project “Ro-Ua Trans-border Academic Development for Research and Innovation 2 SOFT/1/2/86”. The Deputy Minister also visited the academic building №1 which is an object  of concern.

After the University excursion, the guests exchanged opinions about the cooperation. A visit of the Deputy Minister has been held in a business and friendly atmosphere.



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