Students of the speciality “Electricity” won the II place at the International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference

The university community congratulates the student’s team of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas with the II place in the competition among students and young professional at the XIX International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference IEEE-PEMC2020 in the category of  "The best video-message to young people studying electronics ". Over the past decades, the Conference IEEE-PEMC, which this year marks the 50th anniversary of the PEMC (Power Electronics and Motion Control) conference series has become the largest and most important conference on industrial electronics and motion control in Central and Eastern Europe.

3The event took place on April 25-29, 2021 in Gliwice, Poland, at the Silesian University of Technology. Many scientists, engineers, researchers, thinkers and research centers from Europe and all over the world presented their reports at the conference.

During the Conference not only experienced professionals, but also beginners in the field of science had the opportunity to prove themselves. Students and young people up to 35-years old had a special opportunity to show themselves and their skills within S&YP (Student & Young Professionals Track) event.

2A team of 5 students of the Department of Electrical Power Engineering of the Institute of Architecture, Construction and Power Engineering, headed by Hryhoriy Stakhiv, a former creative student-inventor and today the assistant of the Department of EPE attended the event. The work, performed by the students Vitalii Fedenko (group ЕТ-17-1), Ivan Shostakivskyi (group ЕТ-19-2), Bohdan Odokii (group ЕТ-19-2), Anna Venhryniuk (group ЕТ-19-2), Valentyn Chufus (group ЕТ-19-1) was implemented with the organizational assistance of Petro Kurliak, associate professor, acting head of the Department of EPE.

In a short video, students talked about the prospects of researches in the field of solar energy and wireless transmission of electricity and encouraged applicants around the world to study electricity with the slogan: “Learn from us and develop with us!”.

The video presents а development of educational platform for the students with a tracker installation, which was developed by the student Vitalii Fedenko under the guidance of Yaroslav Batsala, associate professor. According to the voting results, the team won the 2nd place.


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