Soliman Abdelhakim Mahmoud Mohamed (CIE)

Soliman Abdelhakim Mahmoud Mohamed (Egypt) is a student of the Center for International Education, speciality 185 – Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology, group HI-17-4i.


This diligent student totally understands that if you want to become successful, you should work hard. “Hard work bears sweet fruits!”- this is life credo of Soliman Abdelhakim Mahmoud Mohamed. Like any other applicant, Soliman wanted to study at the best university. And he made good choice. “I chose studies at IFNTUOG for many reasons. First of all, it is the reputation of the university in the world, IFNTUOG is the best  higher education institution of oil and gas sector in Ukraine. Many graduates of the university hold senior positions in the world’s oil and gas companies now, like «Chevron», «Perenco», «Baker Hughes», «Annmar Resources» etc. And I am sure that I will also achieve such success! I am glad to be a student of this university because the best teachers work here, who take care of each student, try to find an individual approach and really give professional knowledge”.

Moreover, the student is very satisfied with the attitude of teachers to foreign students. “The staff of the Center for International Education always tries to help with solving problems, adapt foreigners in the country of residence, better understand its people, learn Ukrainian language faster and generally make life in Ukraine more comfortable for us".

The university also tries to give foreigners the opportunity to realize their creative potential, promote their self-improvement and self-realization. Foreign students, including Soliman Abdelhakim Mahmoud Mohamed, always actively participate in amateur art activities, various competitions, flash mobs.

"Devotion, dreams, work, new knowledge - these are my guidelines for success!"