Four new cooperation agreements with HEI of Tajikistan: results of the Education Forum

Quarantine is not a reason to stop looking for new contacts and expand international activity.

​​​​​​​3Thus, the Vice-Rector of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, professor Maksym Karpash, whose competence includes international activity, as part of a delegation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and heads of the leading higher education institutions, headed by the Minister of Education and Science Serhii Shkarlet, visited the capital of the Republic of Tajikistan, the city of Dushanbe. A large-scale Education Forum "Study in Ukraine" was held here. The Forum was organized by the Ukrainian State Center for International Education of MES under the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 210/2020 "On Improving Higher Education in Ukraine". The purpose of the educational event is to popularize the opportunities of receiving higher education in Ukraine for international students. The Ministers of Education and Science of both countries, the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Republic of Tajikistan, representatives of the leading HEI of Ukraine attended the Forum.

2During the exhibition "Study in Ukraine" that took place within the forum at the Tajik Agrarian University named Shirinsho Shotemur, the representatives of HEI of Ukraine spoke about the benefits of studying at each university. IFNTUOG also presented its educational opportunities for Tajik students. Note that our university has appropriate facilities to provide quality specialists’ training by taking into account current requirements of job market and carrying out researches. Thus, IFNTUOG has modern material and technical facilities for training specialists of international recognition. We have the following high technology laboratories:  hardware and software "SIEMENS"; cementing slurries; automation control systems and industrial telecommunications "Phoenix-Contact"; Smart technologies; "Internet of Things", works also "IT-Academy", etc. The university tries to make students’ life easy and comfortable, cares about good hostel conditions. Besides, IFNTUOG has facilities for internship, training and laboratory buildings and leisure center. IFNTUOG also has all the opportunities for creative development. Our international students always participate in amateur activities, all-Ukrainian competitions, flash mobs, research and cultural work not only of the university, but also of the city and the region.

3Information about the educational opportunities of IFNTUOG took considerable interest among students and educators of Tajik universities. As a result, four new cooperation agreements are signed with the leading higher education institutions of Tajikistan. Thus, IFNTUOG will cooperate with the largest university in this country, that is Tajik National University, which has 118 departments and more than 35 thousand students, Service and Entrepreneurship Institute, Technological University of Tajikistan and Dangara State University. The universities will cooperate in the educational and scientific spheres in order to develop academic cooperation, organize scientific internships, scientific and practical conferences, workshops, etc. Joint researches within research programs and grants are also planned.

4According to Vice-rector Maskym Karpash, this large-scale educational event opened additional opportunities for the development of bilateral projects in the field of education and science with HEI of Tajikistan, which will promote to the international recognition of our university: “The Forum allowed to present our educational opportunities more wide, became a good tool for attracting international students to study at the Ukrainian universities. And it makes you feel joyful. On the one hand, the increase of international students is additional funds and on the other - the recognition of our university abroad!”.




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