Mouliom Ndamboue Yasmine Mbouhouap Salamata (CIE)

Mouliom Ndamboue Yasmine Mbouhouap Salamata (Cameroon) is a student of the Center for International Education, speciality 185 – Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology, group НІВм-19-3і.

1She is very hardworking student, for her the way of realization the dreams comes through insistency, work and fervent prayer. Yasmine is responsible and diligent not only in life, but also in studies, so she chose the university very seriously. “My friends often ask me why did I choose IFNTUOG? There is an individual teachers’ approach towards students, high academic standards and a properly organized learning process. The university  provides favorable conditions for learning: always interesting and informative classes, modern laboratories, a drilling center, etc.  Teachers often motivate and support students, that is very important for foreigners. There is also positive competition between students. Moreover, you can attend various sport sections or clubs”.

But even when there are all conditions for development and learning, you should work a lot: "Discipline, consistency, diligence and prayers are my way to success!" - tells Yasmine.

And we wish the student happiness and to find her mission in life as soon as possible!