Arthur Joan Mary Nana Egyirba (CIE)

Arthur Joan Mary Nana Egyirba (Ghana) is a student of the Center for International Education, speciality Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology, group НСіа-15-1.

1This clever Ghanian girl came to Ivano-Frankivsk from Poltava city. She studied at the preparatory department in Poltava and was learning Ukrainian language, planned to study at the local National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic» in oil and gas field. But as it often happens, when a person appears in new environment, he/she looks for fellow countrymen, friends, soulmates. The same happened to our young girl, she got to know about the university from acquaintances from Ghana, who were already IFNTUOG students. Ghanaian students boasted of their success, study conditions and qualified teaching staff.

So our ambitious girl went to Western Ukraine for knowledge:

- I did not alternate between for long, because I always used to move forward. Besides, God is always with me. I am very religious person and overcome all the difficulties with God.

Joan Mary slim appearance seems to be quit deceitful, her child’s smile hides strong character. She decided to become the best student in such a "male" specialty, so please - she has the highest rating. But it's not just her character, the girl wants to become an example for her siblings:

- And I want my parents to be proud of me! They did so much for me! This is not to prove something to them, but to make them happy!

She is looking into the future with hope. The girl is very happy that IFNTUOG diploma is recognized abroad, because after graduation she plans to work in foreign companies, gain experience and develop in her future profession. With proficient knowledge, healthy ambitions and stubbornness she is not afraid of gender precautions which are still hold tightly in the so-called "male" professions and oil and gas industry is one of them. However, the girl is determined:

- And where is not a discrimination? It is everywhere. But I believe that in any field, competence and responsibility are above all!

And we can not argue with such a life credo. So good luck to the girl!