WIPO DL-001|101

Додаткова інформація



What is it? This short self-learning Primer is designed to provide you with a quick overview of intellectual property and the reasons why it is considered an important economic and cultural asset in today’s life and economy.

What does the course offer? The course is presented in a concise and easily accessible way, covering all fundamental aspects of intellectual property. Reading the contents of DL-001 should take you around 2 hours to complete. The Primer course does not have an exam or certificate. The General Course DL-101 has an exam and certificate and will be open in 2021.

How to take the course? Register here and follow the instructions https://welc.wipo.int/acrp/program/dl?cid=DL001EBC20S2

Registration is open until 9 December 2020 and the course is available until 18 December 2020. It will be open again in 2021.

For any questions in English (or Russian) please contact the course administrator at: DL101r.academy@wipo.int

More detailes: <<link>>


Creative Spark has a partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a UN agency, to offer a distance learning course on General Cource Intellectual Property(DL-101) to all Creative Spark beneficiaries in English / Russian 

The course teaches you what Intellectual Property (IP) means, copyright,  trademarks, patents and more. Critical learning for entrepreneurs and start ups who need to ensure their business ideas are protected. 

The distance learning course has been relaunched with a new design that includes a much more engaging learner experience – you can now listen to the course, watch videos and get the support form your virtual tutor 

A great opportunity to get a certificate in Intellectual Property!

Key dates(2019):

  • 12 February – 3 March: Registration is open 
  • 4 March:               Course opens
  • 22 April:              Course Ends
  • 23- 30 April:          Exam, online multiple-choice


More detailes: http://bit.ly/WIPO2020