The program of Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizen (PDFC) provides two learning stages:

1st stage (І semester) – language training (supervised by a teacher) at a simple level, learning grammatical forms and syntactic relations in language.

2nd stage (ІІ semester) – further language training, country studies and study of general disciplines (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects), which are basic in higher education institutions of engineering and technical field of studies.

І semester (3-5 months)

Language training (Ukrainian) (level А1 and А2)



There are 3 classes every day (except Sunday)

ІІ semester (4-5 months)

Language training (Ukrainian) (level А2 and В1)

+ general and theoretical training

(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and other)

There are 3-4 classes every day (except Sunday)

Midterm Examination in Ukrainian Language:

     1. Dictation

     2. Grammar Test

     3. Oral Examination

Graduation Examinations:

  1. Ukrainian language (oral form, written form, test form)
  2. Mathematics (test)
  3. Physics (test)
  4. Chemistry (test)

                                                               Note: Consultations on subjects are held during the out-of-university time.

Training groups of foreign citizens at the Preparatory Department consist of 8-10 persons, that ensures effective organization of educational process. Teaching methods help foreign citizens to learn Ukrainian language, get acquainted with the history, culture and traditions of Ukraine and to master scientific terminology, as required within chosen educational program (see:Fields of Study).

Foreign citizens, who successfully passed graduation exams are granted a Certificate of Completion of the Preparatory Department in a state-approved format, which gives the right to enter IFNTUOG, as well as any higher education institutions in Ukraine.