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Deadline - 13/12/2020

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What is LearnEnglish Select

  1. LearnEnglish Select is a flexible online English course for students and professionals who want to take their career to the next level and who want to study when and where they choose
  2. LearnEnglish Select will help learners when applying for jobs, preparing for an interview, and asking and answering questions in an interview.
  3. It also helps with learning vocabulary that can be used in everyday work situations
  4. It is a suite of six interactive self-access levels. 
  5. Each level is made up of 40 self-study lessons and can be completed in approximately 20–25 weeks. 
  6. Our methodology ensures a balance of activities and exercises to develop grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as key skills, for the world of work. 

Participants will learn to: 

  • communicate effectively in a range of business situations, including meetings, talks and presentations 
  • apply for a job and prepare yourself for the interview
  • network with other professionals from diverse fields

At each level, tutor videos guide learner through the materials, explain key language and grammar points, and give the vocabulary that can be used use in everyday business life

The course offers real, authentic workplace scenarios

Levels available are:

  • LearnEnglish Select Beginner
  • LearnEnglish Select Elementary
  • LearnEnglish Select Pre-Intermediate 1
  • LearnEnglish Select Pre-Intermediate 2
  • LearnEnglish Select Intermediate
  • LearnEnglish Select Upper-Intermediate
This project is part of the Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme and funded by the British Council. 
For further information, please visit British Council website