Hostel Regulation Rules


1. Hostel residents are obliged to:

1.1. Use the property of the room, common facilities exclusively for their intended purpose and on an equal footing with other residents.

1.2. Take care of their accommodation, pieces of furniture, equipments and inventory. In case of damaging the pieces of furniture, plumbing and electrical equipments due to the fault of a student, the resident is oblige to recompense for financial damage (to pay in University accounts the amount of money for repair or damage property).

1.3. Keep their accommodations and common facilities clean and organized. Tidy up their accommodations and take out the garbage daily.

1.4. Strictly adhere to the regulations of electrical and fire safety when using electrical appliances.

1.5. Switch off the light and plug off all electrical equipments, close the windows while leaving the accommodation.

1.6. Inform the head of the hostel about the using of your own electrical equipments.

1.7. Fulfill the other obligations set out in residence Agreement of the University and in current legislation of Ukraine.


2. Prohibitions for Hostel Residents:

2.1. Move from one accommodation to the other on their own.

2.2. Remodel or move pieces of furniture from one accommodation to the other.

2.3. Repair the accommodation, remodel electrical rewiring, replace the door lock or put in extra one on your own without the approval from the Hostel Administration.

2.4. Stick or set on the pieces of furniture the announcements, schedules, photos, pictures etc.

2.5. Throw out the garbage and leftovers in the toilets and sink.

2.6. Hang on the outside of the windows and front balconies any items, clutter balconies and the halls up with different things.

2.7. Consume, produce and keep alcoholic beverages or narcotic substances, be under alcohol or drugs influence in the Hostel.

2.8. Smoke in accommodations and common facilities.

2.9. Make noise and also turn on TV, PC and audio equipments on a high volume and break the night-time silence (from 22:00 p.m. till 07:00 a.m.)

2.10. Ignore lawful demands of the Hostel administration and representatives of student government.

2.11. Violate checkpoint in the Hostel, leave strangers overnight.

2.12. Pets are not allowed in the Hostel.

2.13. Resist the settlement in the accommodation of other person.

2.14. Take actions which are contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine.


3. Hostel Residents are entitled to:

3.1. Elect the representatives of student government of the hostel and be elected to there membership.

3.2. Make an application for the repair operation of  electrical and plumbing equipments and furniture timely.

3.3. Make complaints and requests to the University Administration concerning the Hostel staff, living conditions which do not meet the standards of hostel maintenance.

3.4. For other rights, provided in the residence Agreement of the University and current legislation of Ukraine.


Hostel Administration is not responsible for valuables which are kept in the residents’ accommodations!