World-renowned TV channel AlJazeera: about IFNTUOG and "New Energy"

One of the most famous television channels in the world - AlJazeera, has prepared a video about the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, its role in the development of energy sector in Ukraine and the world as a whole. The video also features the Science City "New Energy", which has a significant educational experience for teaching children in order to change the energy situation in the state.

The video material for the channel was prepared by a graduate student of our university, a future candidate of economic sciences, a correspondent for the AlJazeera TV channel, Khatam Khandir, who got an interview form the rector of the IFNTUOG, prof. Ye. Kryzhanivskyi and Vice-rector for international affairs prof. M. Karpash. Scientists talked about the situation in Ukraine and the prospects of its energy independence.

According to Mr. Karpash, the mission of the university is to "learn and study, study and teach." An example of this is the map of the solar insolation of the Precarpathian region, which was made by the scientists of the IFNTUOG. Based on it, scientists have made recommendations for renewable energy sources for the region and for individual united territorial communities.

In the Science City "New Energy" correspondent of the international channel had an opportunity to study the educational experience for teaching children, which can contribute to changing the energy situation in our country. It is about changing people's behavior, because in Ukraine the experience of European countries is being implemented, when the ecological consciousness of young people and their demand for new models of behavior turn over the political and economic situation in the country as a whole.

It should be noted that our university was chosen not without reason. The feature of IFNTUOG is that the work of our scientists aims at, first of all, solving the strategic tasks of the energy security of Ukraine. Therefore, if all the developments in this area are implemented, we will create a breakthrough in the state in providing fuel and energy resources and increase our own energy production.