Technologies of the future: IFNTUOG and Danfoss company unite efforts in training students

An open seminar "Modern trends in heat and cold supply systems, drive automation, hydraulic engineering, heating, thermal modernization of houses", held in Ivano-Frankivsk national technical University of oil and gas, gathered students and teachers interested in the problem of energy saving – one of the most relevant in modern Ukraine. The meeting was organized by the joint efforts of Danfoss specialists and the Department of renewable energy, energy efficient buildings and engineering networks of the Institute of architecture, construction and power engineering.

It was conducted by the technical support engineer of the Danfoss company Oleksandr Sokyrkin. This time he focused the attention of the seminar participants on heating systems, their hydraulic balancing, thermoregulatory rooms, etc. After all, it is impossible to present all the activities of the company – and there are many of them – at one meeting.

What opportunities does the University's cooperation with such a powerful manufacturer give to the students of IFNTUOG? It depends only on the students, who will practice, and get certain skills in working with the program, use it in the future. It is about programs for hydraulic calculation of heating and cooling systems, air conditioning and the like. All calculations are now performed using computer technology – it is very difficult to manually calculate the modern system, almost impossible. Nevertheless, the important task is to give students the knowledge that will help them to make the right engineering decisions in the future when designing the system and analyze the results. It is not a problem to draw a system. One must feel it!

From now on, there will be even more opportunities for the students of IFNTUOG to learn this art, because an agreement has just been signed between the University and Danfoss on the participation of its specialists in the educational process. In particular, it is planned to hold open seminars for teachers and students who will soon make our lives more comfortable, cozy, and warmer.