Students of IFNTUOG visited the Krakiw AGH University of Science and Technology (Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica – AGH)

Studying at the university is a great time for every young person who takes the first steps in adulthood, enriched with broad prospects, opportunities, new knowledge and acquaintances.

Among the main opportunities for studying in higher education institutions is the exchange of students between universities. Thus, in the framework of the project "International cooperation in oil and gas education as an excellent training of entrepreneurship and professional skills" students of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas and Krakiw AGH University of Science and Technology had such an opportunity.

Project implementation started in IFNTUOG. Recently, Polish students spent four days at our university. They attended a series of lectures, a round table, were able to recreate their creative abilities with welding, took part in an interesting quest on the territory of the university, conducted chemical experiments in the laboratory of the drilling department, visited excursions to the Science City "New Energy" and the museums of the oil fields of Galicia in Nadvirna , visited the Regional State Administration and admired the picturesque Ivano-Frankivsk.

Last week, on October 22-27, the project was continued in the Polish university. During the five days of staying at AGH, the students of IFNTUOG have been able to integrate with the culture and customs of the country. During this time they became acquainted not only with Polish students, but also with representatives from other countries that are studying there.

The Polish party hospitably met our students and teachers. The lectures were combined with many excursions organized in order to get to know the culture and customs of the country as much as possible.

During their stay in AGH, the students attended a series of lectures by Polish professors, the society of petroleum engineers SPE, familiarized themselves with the university's activities and the work of the laboratories. Also, our students had the opportunity to see the exposition at the Petroleum Industry Museum in Krosno and to visit the Museum of History of the University and the Technical School of Drilling. According to the results of the program of Ukrainian-Polish exchanges of students of IFNTUOG and AGH, participants were awarded diplomas.

In general, students at IFNTUOG are very pleased with their stay in Polish university, they are ready to continue perceiving the world and are willing to gain new knowledge.