The IWCF Auditor met with IFNTUOG students

On the initiative of the Chairman of the Young Scientists Council Bohdan Mishchuk the meeting of students of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas with the technical auditor of the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) - Marc McComark took place at the premises of IFNTUOG. The presented organization is considered to be the most authoritative by the profile "Well control during fluid kick".

During the visit, the students got acquainted with the features of the IWCF, the purpose of the organization's existence and got to know how to prevent fluid kick. In addition, Mr. McComark analyzed in detail the five-level certification system that exists at the International Well Control Forum. It should be noted that the first level of the system is introductory, the certificate of its completion can be obtained by anyone who wants to visit the company's official website and have an online education.

As for the certificates of the third or fourth level, we should note that their availability is obligatory for oil and gas companies performing drilling operations in different countries of the world. Note that these certificates can be obtained after the completion of the relevant courses at the training drilling center, which has been operating on the basis of IFNTUNG since 2004. Its primary task is to provide specialists who are engaged in drilling wells, an appropriate level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to prevent fluid kicks and control the well in case of their occurrence. After completing the curriculum, candidates for international certification pass the qualifying exams, the results of which are the basis for obtaining an international certificate. In general, the study process at the TDC with candidates for an international IWCF certificate is carried out according to a three-level system: a theoretical course, practical skills training on the simulator and the final qualifying exam.