IPE develops international cooperation

Students and graduates of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas are some of the most sought after in the domestic and foreign labor market. As excellent specialists, they have already managed to prove themselves not in one company. The ability to work on modern equipment, undergo internship, find work in a specialty is a great merit of the university, because it is the training of highly skilled professionals and the employment of graduates that belongs to the priorities of the IFNTUOG strategy. Therefore, at the invitation of the Director of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering O. Vytiaz, the head of the Polish drilling company "ALGEO" Zbigniew Deryenovsky visited the university. The IPE administration discussed with the guest the issues of future cooperation, internship and employment opportunities in the company.

"Our university has been cooperating with the Polish universities for more than 9 years now conducting fruitful activity in the educational, scientific, production spheres. We always cooperate on mutually beneficial terms, from all the parties - students, teachers, and specialists are satisfied with the co-ordinated work. Today we continue to expand international cooperation with our Polish colleagues ", - says IPE Director Oleh Vytiaz.

 At the meeting with the students, graduates and professors of IFNTUOG, Zbigniew Deryenowski presented the company "ALGEO", talked about its advantages, modern drilling equipment, which is the company equipped with, the mode of its work. As the Polish guest noted: "The company employs specialists from Ukraine and we are very pleased with them. We are also ready to help employ Ukrainian drillers."

The attendees were able to ask questions that they were interested in. The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere.