The instructor of IFNTUOG undergone training in Denmark


The training drill center of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas has long been a part of the international oil and gas industry certification system, which includes the development of appropriate training programs, tests and tasks, and the qualificational characteristics of personnel for various production sectors of the oil and gas complex. As we have already reported, specialists of drilling enterprises of Ukraine and other countries are trained and certified according to international standards of IWCF (International Well Control Forum) at TDC. According to the results of professional tests, they receive international IWCF certificates that recognize all countries of the world, which is a significant step towards the entry of domestic specialists into international labor markets.

The need for such certification is primarily due to fluid manifestations that require the immediate response of the drilling staff to prevent disasters and human casualties.

"The work of our TDC is  in good standing with the domestic and international oil companies," says Vice-Rector for Research of IFNTUOG Professor I. Chudyk. - The demand for internship in IFNTUOG is associated with high requirements for the quality of drilling operations. The attractive pricing policies – the fee for courses is 20-30% lower than in other countries – and the location of the TDC are among the important reasons for choosing our TDC as a place for upskilling. In addition, the fruitful and close cooperation of the University with Safe Drilling (Poltava) ensured the acquisition and transfer to the TDC of a drill simulator drillSim-20, which significantly increases not only possibilities, but also the throughput and mobility of the training center in the training of highly skilled personnel."

Important for the IWCF certification process are training experts who accompany the entire learning process and constantly upskill. Thus, at the end of 2018, the Assistant Professor of oil and gas machinery and equipment department, Yu. Mosora took part in IWCF assessors' trainings and demonstrated his knowledge of managing wells during the elimination of oil and gas manifestations and skills of work with drill simulators Drillsim - 20 and Drillsim – 5000. The training was carried out based on Maersk Training in the city of Swondborg (Kingdom of Denmark). Yurii successfully passed the qualifying exams (scored 100 points out of 100 possible) and received the qualification of the IWCF assessor (expert).

We congratulate him on this achievement, which contributed to the renewal of certification of the employees of the oil and gas industry of Ukraine according to IWCF standards!