Build your career at Schlumberger!

The world's largest supplier of technologies for the oil industry – the company Schlumberger, is recruiting specialists for its Ukrainian division. Therefore, on December 5 Manager for recruiting Emanuel Ellenberg visited the Ivano-Frankivsk national technical University of oil and gas. The purpose of the meeting was the selection of candidates for employment in the company. Among the prerequisites – knowledge of English.

Representing the company, Emanuel Ellenberg noted:

"Starting work in such a company is the best start up for students, and working in our company is an invaluable experience and an opportunity to build a career!»

In addition, the company's management regards IFNTUOG as the main basic University, that successfully prepares specialists of engineering specialties in demand at Schlumberger. And the recruitment of our graduates occurs regularly.

"This year, the company's "appetites" have grown - it is planned to recruit more than 10 specialists from the University despite the fact that the recruiting takes place in the three cities of Ukraine", - said in his welcoming speech the head of the Department of oil and gas production, prof. O. Kondrat.

About 70 students of engineering and computer specialties came to the meeting. The recruitment was held in 2 stages. Tests were written at the meeting. Interviews with applicants were held on December 6.