Borders divide, and culture unites

As part of the celebration of the International Day of Culture, the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas held a holiday of national cultures. That was a special event for our university, because some of the best students not only from Ukraine but also from all over the world are studying here. More than 500 students from 42 countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa are currently enrolled at IFNTUOG, and they are carriers of their culture and traditions.

Albustandzhi Ahmad (Jordan) President of the Student Parliament of international students was the Initiator of the event. Ahmad said that conducting such events is extremely important as they help students from different countries exchange their traditions, experiences, interests and ideas.

The main purpose of the event is not only to get acquainted with the culture of different countries, but also to obtain new experience and impressions. It is necessary to live not only within the limits of one's culture, but also to be able to build friendly relations with representatives of different nationalities.

During the event, the students demonstrated the unique artistic component of foreign countries with the help of songs, music, dances, colorful national costumes, and national cuisine dishes. This made it possible to feel part of another nation, to plunge into another culture and traditions.