Department of English


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The Department of English offers various courses of ESP:

  • EFL,
  • Business English,
  • Scholarly English in the majoring field,
  • Technical Translation,
  • Professionally oriented English.

All the courses of ESL are professionally oriented. They’ll help develop the students’ knowledge of English grammar and their ability to speak and write in English as well as translate from and into English for business and study in the field. The courses are aimed at students who can write and speak basic English and wish to strengthen their main English language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Of course other skills such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary (professionally oriented) and spelling all play a role in effective English communication, so they are a focus of our attention too.

Our teachers

    1. Ivanna Ozarko, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of English, Head of the Department of English.

    2. Nadia Tumkiv, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of English, Deputy Head of the Department of English

      Research interests: 

  • technoculture,
  • technical communication,
  • critical theory,
  • cultural studies,
  •  popular culture and contemporary English literature;
  • the current trends and concerns in teaching English, cross-cultural awareness, methodologies, effective techniques for English conversation, functional approaches to written texts. The scientific concerns focus on literary ethics, multiculturalism, and history and philosophy of education.

3. Inna Sakhnevych, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of English

Research interests:  

  • media studies;
  • innovative methods of teaching ESL. 

4. Nadia Moiseienko, teacher

Research interests: 

  • possibilities in ELT methodology, its current concern, including defining the roles of teachers and learners, critical pedagogy, interactive learning, and using innovative teaching materials;
  •  the relevance of theoretical enquiry to practical pedagogy, and the relationship between grammar and discourse in communicative language teaching. 

5. Galyna Lazaruk, teacher

Research interests: 

  • the methods of ESP teaching and infocommunications in particular; 
  • ESP course design. 

6. Liudmyla Boikiv, teacher

Research interests: teaching English for specific purposes. 

7. Olena Melnyk, teacher

Research interests:  

  • distance learning as an educational method;
  • identifying and analyzing the requirements for employing distance learning in FLT process as well as the technologies that make use of these requirements;
  • creation of e-books for distance learning. 

8. Tetyana Solomchak, teacher

Research interests:

  •  teaching technologies of scientific-technical translation in high school deals with main concepts and aspects in English learning to students of technical specialities;
  • using of technical translation with modern technologies in the foreign language training in high school helps to improve the professional foreign language training of future specialists;
  • Special tasks, text-books for students of technical specialities are written now.

9. Natalia Shkolna, teacher

Research interests: terminology of modern German language for special purpose of industrial automation (its structure and functioning)

10. Oksana Krytsak, teacher

Research interests: different methods of teaching grammar in order to improve communicational skills.

11. Oxana Tsaruk, PhD, teacher.

12. Olga Ignatyuk, teacher.

13. Yarema Bezanyuk, teacher.

14. Iryna Sklepova, teacher