Department of Construction and Repair Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage Facilities


room 0420

Karpatska St. 15.

76019 Ivano-Frankivsk UA

tel: (0342) 72-71-38


Department of construction and repair  oil and gas pipelines and storage facilities prepares undergraduate bachelors in field of “Oil and Gas engineering”, specialists and masters in field of “Oil and gas pipelines and storage facilities”. Department is only one in Ukraine, which prepares experts directly in construction, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of oil and gas main pipelines, gas distribution lines,  offshore and see lines, oil and gas storage facilities. It is functioning postgraduate training program and higher doctorate in field of ‘pipeline transportation, oil and gas storage facilities’. It is organized by forces of department retrainer courses in field of “Oil and gas pipelines and storage facilities” and refresher courses for specialists in oil and gas industry in following subjects programs: construction, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of oil and gas main pipelines and oil and gas storage facilities.

Timely diagnostics, qualitative and timely repair and reconstruction of aging oil and gas transportation system of Ukraine will avoid significant economic and environmental losses due to accidents, continue its performance. The complexity, scale, high cost of repairs and stringent eligibility criteria of the repair and reconstruction of such facilities require the introduction of the latest achievements of the modern world of science and technology, the use of economic, labor non intensive, innovative, smart technology, robotic hardware systems. It is necessary to attract investment resources, to learn advanced international experience, innovation, and deploy them intensively in Ukraine. We are in need of not only new technologies, techniques and instrumentation, but also specialists having new knowledge’s,  skills and abilities, being able to generate innovative ideas, projects, plans, create new technologies and techniques and implement complex foreign, that is a new level of human resources and human capital industry. Therefore, the main goal of the department is to develop high professional intellectual environment in the field of construction, maintenance, repair and reconstruction of gas and oil pipelines and storage facilities. For this purpose, the department is continuously updated physical infrastructure, created by modern multimedia lecture hall, main and refresher courses are read highly to attract industry professionals. Department graduates work successfully in the design and research institutes, oil and gas pipelines management units, pipeline construction companies, oil pumping and compressor stations, tank farms, underground gas storages as well as well in foreign countries as in Ukraine, in urban gas, water and heating utilities. On the need for specialist training in this specialty shows steady state order for graduates of full-time education and sectoral demand for retraining of experts at the Institute of Postgraduate Education, employment of graduates in leading Ukrainian and international organizations. Together with industry constantly study the need for expertise in a particular specialty, operational changes are made in the curricula and programs. Graduates of the department actively participated in the construction of the transcontinental gas mains "Bratersvo", "Soyuz", "Progress", "Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod , oil pipeline "Druzhba", "Odessa-Brody", many underground gas storage facilities. Many of the graduates are chairmen in leading oil and gas transportation companies.