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Institute of Environmental Engineering conducts preparation of bachelors, masters in specialties:

Specialty - "Ecology"

Specialty - "Environmental Protection Technology"  in specialization Ecological control and audit

Specialty - "Geodesy and Land Management"

        by specialization:

 - Geodesy
- Land system and cadastre
- Estimation of land and real estate

- Geographic information systems and technologies


Training of specialists in the specialty "Ecology" is aimed at determining the current ecological situation in cities, regions, regions or in the region or in the state as a whole and the negative impact of pollution on public health by analyzing all components of nature, research of soil cover and land resources, underground , ground and surface waters, atmospheric air, climatic resources, forest and agro-vegetation cover, determination of anthropogenic loading on them.


Specialists establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the spread of major diseases and environmental conditions, monitor the ecological situation in settlements and territorial and administrative units, and search for sources of pollution of soils, water, air and other components of the natural environment

Training of specialists in the specialty "Environmental Protection Technology" is aimed at determining the technogenic impact of industrial enterprises on the ecological situation in cities, regions, regions or in the region or in the state as a whole, study of transboundary pollution, research and search of directions for the implementation of technologies for reducing the technogenic load on the environment environment.

Specialists organize environmental monitoring at enterprises and regions, participate in ecological substantiation and examination of projects of construction of objects in various sectors of the national economy, search for sources of pollution of soils, water, air and other components of the natural environment and offer directions for pollution prevention. The obtained knowledge allows the expert to carry out a professional assessment of anthropogenic impact on the environment, to research and implement modern environmental technologies, based on knowledge of environmental legislation to effectively carry out environmental audits and expert examination of enterprises.

The training of masters in the specialty "Environmental control and audit" is aimed at studying environmental legislation, state and international standards in the field of environmental protection, environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment of enterprises of various industries, and decision making that will reduce environmental pressures. Successful training of students in this area is of particular importance in the conditions when Ukraine enters international markets, which provides for the possibility of implementation of effective environmental monitoring and audit of enterprises by specialists.

Specialists carry out environmental monitoring of enterprises, determine the size of payments of enterprises for pollution of the environment and the use of natural resources.

Graduates of the Department of Ecology work in the bodies of regional and district state administrations, state ecological inspectorates and environmental protection departments, deputy chief environmental engineers at enterprises, can engage in scientific work, teach ecology in schools, colleges, technical colleges, colleges, lyceums, work as consultants. or experts in different institutions and firms. consultants, environmental consultants in different institutions and firms that sell and buy new technologies, technologies and materials.

Environmental students are actively involved in scientific research, participate in All-Ukrainian student environmental olympiads, speak at scientific conferences. The best students receive internships and internships in educational institutions in Canada, Germany, Norway, Spain, Poland, Romania, other countries, as well as in parallel study and receive diplomas from the Krakow Mining Academy (Poland) and the University of Miskolc (Hungary).


Specialty "Geodesy and land management"

Training of specialists in the field of land management and cadastre is due to market reforms and the creation of a single automated land cadastre system in our country. The need for specialists in this profile arose in connection with the establishment of the land market, which is due to the implementation of: accounting for the quantity and quality of land; registration of land plots; economic and monetary valuation of land and real estate; land management projects of the territory, projects of soil protection measures; establishment of boundaries of administrative units; inventory of land; registration of documentation for the provision and transfer of land; settlement of land disputes; land allocation; execution of topographic and geodetic works, etc.

Masters in the specialty "Land Management and Cadastre" work in the following structures: the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre; departments on issues of architecture and urban planning and other land surveying, topographical and geodetic, design and survey, construction, geological survey organizations, and also included in the parliamentary committees on land issues of councils of different levels.

Training specialists specializing in "Geodesy" is associated with the creation of topographical and cadastral maps and plans, inventory and land degradation, determination of forms and sizes of land using geographic information systems.

A major need for surveyor engineers is the State Aerospace Services Service for surveying, cartography and cadastre, which currently functions under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and provides the national economy with topographic and geodetic materials and cartographic products.

Engineers-geodesists are employed in land management services of regional departments and district departments of land resources of the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine.

Training of specialists in the field of Geoinformation Systems and Technologies is aimed at providing human resources to geodetic enterprises and enterprises dealing with land management and cadastre, as well as branches of geology, geophysics, ecology and others.

Students are trained in working with geoinformation systems and databases used in engineering geodesy, land management, as well as in geological, environmental and other fields, mastering the basics of programming.

The main directions of the future activities of specialists in this specialty:

- development and support of geographic information systems; information support of oil and gas enterprises activity; analysis and processing of spatially coordinated information; digital mapping of individual branches of - - the national economy; modeling of spatially-distributed data;
- construction of specialized GIS; information support for geological, engineering-geological and environmental research.
One of the most promising areas is the professional training of specialists specializing in "Land and real estate valuation" due to the development of market relations in Ukraine, in particular, with the development of the land market. as well as with a significant expansion of the areas of application of monetary valuation of land, both normative and expert. At the current stage in the field of land relations and property management, the issue of monetary valuation of land plots and other immovable property occupy a priority position.

The institute has a postgraduate study program in the field of scientific activity and a specialized Council on the protection of candidate and doctoral dissertations on the specialty "Ecological safety", and since 2010 the periodical scientific and technical journal "Ecological safety and balanced resource use" is issued.

Students of the Institute of Environmental Engineering are involved in research work, annually speak at scientific conferences with multimedia presentations and presentations, take part in the All-Ukrainian international Olympiads. So, in 2010, at the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the field of "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources", the team of students of our institute won the first place among the technical higher educational institutions.

During training, the students of the field of training "Ecology, environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources" master the labor professions ("Observer on the state of the environment" and others).