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Additional Information: 

For All Students

   It is a condition of registration for students that they cooperate with the University with respect to health and safety. All students have the right not to proceed with any activity if they feel it poses a danger to their health and safety or that of others and raise their concerns immediately with their academic tutor or health and safety staff.

Students must:

  •  not interfere with or misuse anything provided for health and safety;
  • report any accident, injury, near miss, damage to buildings or equipment as soon as      possible to their academic tutor or health and safety staff;
  • notify their academic tutor to ensure suitable controls to protect them are put in place (e.g. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan - PEEP) if they have a condition affecting health which may be caused by or made worse by study activities. This information will be treated with appropriate confidentiality;
  • undertake any health and safety  training and induction required by the University;
  • follow the requirements of risk assessments and any  arrangements set out locally.