4. Fees and Payments

Additional Information: 



Category of payment



Post-graduate / Doctoral

Preparatory Department



Short-time language program

Invitation (before arrival)

Fixed payment

195 USD

Admission payments (translation and notarization of passport and educational documents; hostel for admission period)

Depends on urgency, number of pages and language

»30-50 USD

Tuition fee


(annual )

Ukrainian as

medium of instruction

  • in semester of admissionon the day of enrolment– annual tuition fee in full;
  • next years – before August 27

1800 USD

1950 USD

3200 USD

1300 USD


250-600 USD


English as

medium of instruction

2200 USD

2300 USD




Recognition of previous educational qualifications

one-time payment

in semester of admission (http://naric.in.ua/)

» 100 USD

Immigration Services

one-time payment

in semester of admission

» 35 USD

Immigration Insurance

one time payment

» 93 USD

»30 USD

»70 USD

» 25 USD

Medical  Insurance

annual payment

» 50 USD

Hostel registration fee

annual payment

250 USD

Apostille and legalization of diplomas (after graduation)








Living expenses

per month

 » 200 USD